Saturday, December 21, 2013

Yay! And Bummer!

Owl hat...done, as you know!
Scarf for BFF - done and mailed
Loop scarf for sis-in-law-to-be - done and wrapped!

--Cabled Persephone Scarf
--Cabled tie vest

My wrist has been aching so  I haven't really been knitting as fast as I want. I hurried to get the scarf done I had to mail and the other one for Xmas exchange. The Cabled Persephone Scarf and Cabled Tie Vest are also for mom, so I can take my time on that. Let my wrist heal up a bit.

My love let me open my Christmas gifts early. One was the perfume I have been coveting and the other is this AMAZINGLY awesome, fantastically cool, utterly fantastic bracelet! It's made from an antique, silver fork. Is it not fantastic? As you can see, I have fat hands and wrist. It was a bit hard to get on, and then I yanked it off so I could turn it around and have the hearts on the inside of my wrist so I could see it better. :)

*photo coming...for some reason instagram isn't playing nice*

 Wrist recovery time (damn you, carpal tunnel! damn you!) and then back to knitting up that vest first. Scarf second.

Merry Christmas!