Friday, March 7, 2014

Absolutely No Knitting Progress :(

I have made absolutely NO knitting progress at all. The hat I made for my soon to be SIL was WAAAAAAAAAAAY off on the ribbing. About 2 inches too wide. So I need to frog the whole thing or add some elastic. I have more yarn, so I'll just knit a new one, but it's March and she won't need it for a while.

The scarf sits. The vest sits. I overbooked myself in reading commitments so February and March were a lot more busy than expected for the blog.

I'm still behind on my reading over there, plus behind in my knitting, and there's a ton of other things going on including an injured ankle and I'm cranky from not getting my miles in. I may only be powerwalking, but dammit I need it. Winter needs to go away! lol

I should be able to pick up my knitting more often soon. I'm going to slow WAAAAAAAAAY down on my book blog, too. I need to knit. I need to walk. I need the balance. I love reading, but then fall behind on reviews, which I don't like. But I need to find that balance.


Works in Progress or that will soon be in progress are:

  • Smariek Knits Persephone scarf
  • Cabled tie vest
  • fenced in hat
  • sweater or two for penguins
Wish me luck!