Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Gift(s) in Progress! And one of my furkids!

This is version four...I've frogged this scarf so many times! Now, it's just a simple garter stitch scarf, but I think that's okay as the yarn is fun and bulky.

It started off as a cowl, then a moebius scarf, then a cabled scarf, now it's just garter. My hand is in a brace from carpal tunnel, so basic scarf it is!

The next one should be a bit fancier. Maybe. I'm running low on time and with my wrists aching...

This is my blind, old, sweet westie-girl, Maddie. She is my constant companion whether I'm reading, knitting, or just hanging out. She whines to tell me what she wants, she demands snuggly hugs, and if she isn't feel well, she'll whine until I sing her to sleep. My voice isn't exactly on key, but she seems to like the singing. She especially seems to respond to Once Upon a December from Anastasia. lol She's 13.5 years old and the sweetest little dog ever.