Sunday, December 29, 2013

{Finished Object(s)} Happy New Year!

I hope your holidays were festive and fun and filled with laughter and love. And maybe you got some awesome goodies like books and knitting needles and yarn?

Come on, I can't be the only one who thinks those are the perfect presents? Hee-hee.

Well, I forgot to photograph the FOs I had for Xmas. Whoops! A shame, too, as they were quite pretty. I shared one of the scarves, but the second one was a loop (not quite infinity) scarf I made for my brother's fiance. She loved it (phew!) and put it on immediately. So, whoops on forgetting to take a picture of the finished object, but I'm here with one picture of something I made post-Christmas! And I used my Xmas gift to boot!

Check out the loveliness from my brother and his fiance!

Why yes! Those are the Knitpicks Interchangeable Circular needles in Harmony! 
I'm a crappy photo taker...these are just gorgeous and rich in color. And oh my do they feel awesome in the hand! I also received a couple skeins of yarn. My future sis-in-law didn't know what to get as she is not a knitter, so she picked up a couple balls of Cozy Wool. I made her a hat with one skein from the pattern on the label. 

It didn't turn out too badly! I still need more practice with the ribbing. It's soooooooo loose and this is the second hat that is like this. I don't understand why. Have my stitches gotten that loose? I'm going to have to try knitting tighter for the ribbing or seriously shrink down my needle size just for the ribbing.

Any suggestions?

And just because I adore my bracelet, I'm sharing with you that pic again...

So cool. :) Anyway, I hope you had a wonderful holiday, whatever you celebrate! I'm making another hat, and gonna work on that ribbing.