Sunday, November 17, 2013


I haven't gotten very far in my #122 tie-front cable tunic vest. I've been too busy reading. So I've been knitting while getting caught up on my shows on Hulu when I can sneak some time in.

I came across a questionable instance in this pattern for which I pleaded for help on facebook. It was decided that, where I had to do a ssk and the place marker was in the way, remove the marker, ssk, add the marker back.

Well, as I was setting up the cabling rows, my numbers are all kinds of off. Instead of 13 before the first stitch marker, I have only 11. Instead of 23 for the next row, I have 24. URGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

So I'm frogging it.
Isn't this a cute image? Visit ! They allowed me to use their image, but they have this on totes and shirts and stuff at

| | | | | | | | | | | | | |

Sigh. Tomorrow anyway. And only 8 rows or so. Trying again. I must've screwed something up with that decrease.

Starting a new project, this one will be the Persephone Cable scarf and fingerless mitts. Hope this one goes smoothly and quickly. I would like to make it for my mom for Christmas! :)

I'm hoping scarf, which needs no shaping, will be something I can whip out quickly and relax while watching my shows. :) If you couldn't tell ... I'm a total noob knitter. I may have been knitting for years, but I'm definitely a beginner, especially when confronted with patterns! :) 

Here's the first bit of it done! Do you like my notes? LOL I need to keep tallies of the repeats or I go insane trying to follow the pattern! :D